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Stop wasting your time
following football on your phone

Just glance at your

League Frame

  • Beautiful live football data in your home

  • Stunning retro-inspired 7.5-inch display

  • Distraction-free – no apps, no ads, no odds


Small British Business   |   Free Delivery   |   14 Day Returns 

Picking up your phone to ‘quickly’ check on the football can spiral into wasted minutes and hours. Football apps can also bombard you with advertisements and gambling prompts. Take back control of your time by following your favourite football leagues with League Frame.

League Frame’s crisp 7.5-inch display shows you the complete picture at-a-glance with no distractions, giving you everything you need to stay updated and informed. Decorate your home with beautiful live football data from all major European leagues!

"The must have gadget for every football fan"
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Light Match.jpg

the Device

  • Freestanding 7.5-inch display

  • Sits on your desk, table, bookcase etc.

  • USB-powered, Wi-Fi connected

League Frame is simple to setup and fits into your daily life. League Frame is powered by USB (cable supplied), and sits perfectly on your desk, side table, bookshelf, or anywhere else where you want your football information at-a-glance.


An easy one-time setup from your phone or computer will connect League Frame to your home Wi-Fi, and you then use our website to set your favourite football leagues. The retro styling gives vibes of watching Teletext on a giant Game Boy, and we think you’ll love it!

the Device

Designed, coded and built in Britain

Table View.jpg

the Data

  • 15 European Leagues and counting

  • Table View – full table, compact matches

  • Match View – detailed matches + scorers

You can select from a growing list of leagues and data views. All major European leagues are supported, including seven English leagues plus UEFA competitions. League data is refreshed every 5 minutes, and pressing the button on the back of your League Frame will switch to your next favourite league within a minute or two. 

Table View shows the complete league table and a compact display of matches, while Match View shows more match details including goal scorers. We’ll even let you know if someone has been sent off!

the Data

Limited time deal – lifetime of league data included!

Close Table.JPG

the Display

  • 7.5-inch three-colour electronic paper

  • Low power consumption, high contrast

  • 30 second refresh reveal

League Frame’s eye-catching display uses very little power and won’t glow all night! The three-colour electronic paper display is similar to those used in e-readers such as Kindles. It has a high contrast and feels like looking at a piece of paper, while it doesn’t give out any light of its own. 

The display only consumes power when it is being updated, with the refresh process taking around 30 seconds as shown in the video here. Enjoy the anticipation of your League Frame refreshing to reveal the latest scores!

the Display

Take back your time from your phone!

the Details

  • 7.5-inch display

  • Electronic paper

  • Red / Black / White

  • 800 x 480 pixels

  • 177 mm height

  • 125 mm width

  • 51 mm depth (max)

  • 175 g

  • USB powered

  • Micro-USB

  • Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)

  • Single-band (2.4 GHz)

Box contents:

  • League Frame,

  • 2 m flat Micro-USB to USB-A cable

  • Quick Start Guide

the Details

Limited time deal – lifetime of league data included!

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